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In Ancient time red coloured register was used to keep the record of birth and black coloured register was used to keep the record of deaths. That is why this book is red because it is linked with life. It is written by Pt. Roop Chand Joshi. Although he is not with us yet his knowledge is with us in form of Lal Kitab. Lal Kitab is available in 5 Editions Naming :-

Lal Kitab Ke Farman (Palmistry based) - 1939
Lal Kitab Ke Arman - 1940
Lal Kitab 3rd Part ( Gutka) - 1941
Lal Kitab Tarmeem Shuda - 1942
Lal Kitab Ilme Samudrik ki buniyaad per Jyotish - 1952

Lal Kitab’s main aim is to provide cheap and infalliable remedies which are with in the reach of common man. There is a lot of importance of birds, animals, trees, relatives and colours. We can see scientific importance of colours too for exp: White shows Peace and also it is related to Planet Moon. Moon means mother’s Lap and flowing water which in other words means like : a crying child and a bad child stops crying and badness in the mother’s lap. In the similar way, every planet will behave in a good way when they are put in a flowing water.and that all depends on the position of Planet in the Kundli House.

Lal Kitab’s logic are different from other type of Astrologies. Full importance is given to Varshfal as well as to Janam Kundli. If you do not have your Horoscope Or Date Of Birth Or Time Of Birth , then also you are able to get remedies of your problems on the basis of Symptoms of your life. For Exp: if you have stiffness in your body parts, then it means that your Sun has become anti ,if you are having skin problem then it means that your Venus has become anti or if your teeth start falling then it means that your Mercury has become anti or if your house falls then it means that your Saturn has become your anti.

In Lal Kitab , Moon means mother and grandmother ,Mercury means daughter , sister and father’s sister (Bua) , Venus means all females and wife, Sun means father and Jupiter means grand father. It means, through the horoscope of blood relations, predictions can be given and measures can be taken for the benefit of yours and vice-versa.

According to Lal Kitab, the planet which is in the better position in your kundli, that ‘s related things, colors and stones are to be adopted and even those related God ‘s must be worshipped to let the star be in favour, and if any star is in worst condition ,then its related things like yantras and stones can be put in flowing water or can be worn sometimes, afer examining Kundli of they can be given in worshipping places to reduce the adverse effect. Stars can be brought in favour by serving birds and animals.

Due importance is given to Vastu in Lal Kitab also, but it’s also horoscope based. For this, Horoscope of the head of the family is viewed for exp: it is not compulsory that south facing house is harmful to everyone, if the position of Mars is strong in your kundli, then it is suitable to that person.

Lal Kitab is also effective in the case of Kaal Sarap Yoga. But All measures should be done with the advice of learned Astrologer becoz if moon is in the sixth house of your kundli then its harmful for you to serve drinking water to other than your blood relations. 

In conclusion, Lal Kitab is unique and effective to solve chronic and critical human problems in day to day life. Its remedies are completely self defensive without inflicting harm on anybody and injury to anyone concerne

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