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Lalkitab General Remedies

  • Put Your Dining Table As Close To The Kitchen As Possible And Avoid Eating While Seated On Your Bed.
  • Dispose Of Articles Which Have Not Been Used For Decades, Do Not Clutter Your House /office With Unnecessary Articles.
  • Do Not Kick Dogs, Nor Throw Stones At Them, If Possible Feed And Caress Them This Will Improve The Effect Of Dragon's Tail (Ketu) . It Is Symbolic Of Son And Of Luxurious Life
  • Use Silver Tumbler And Utensils If Possible This Will Get You The Good Effect Of Moon And Remove The Bad Effects Of Dragon's Head.
  • Feed Cows - For Better Conjugal Relations And Health Of Wife.
  • Feed Crows/fish For Mothers Better Health /financial Prospects
  • Feed Monkeys To Improve Financial Condition And Fop Getting Favours From The Government.
  • Wear Gold Ring, Golden Strap On Your Wrist Or Apply Saffron On Your Forehead For Better Luck And All round Improvement In Your Affairs
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